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The Aluminum Watercraft You Want                                                                   JON BOATS STARTING AT $799.

To be a great fisherman, you need three things: luck, skill, and the right equipment to reel in the real prize winners. Luck and skill come from years of hard practice, patience, and technique. The equipment can all be found at Holden’s Marine!

Here at Holden’s, we offer you the very best aluminum fishing boats from industry leader Alumacraft! Alumacraft vessels continue to make their mark with fisherman across the nation; boasting the kinds of attractive features both professional and amateur anglers can appreciate:

Marine center, Spartanburg, SC

The Alumacraft Difference

When you choose an Alumacraft, you get a better riding experience both above and below the waterline. They have been building superior watercraft since 1946, and they know what it takes to reduce frustrating drawbacks like noise, vibration, and soaking water spray. Alumacraft boats are built by fisherman for fisherman, and offer the attractive customized options that you deserve!

The Holden’s Marine Sales Experience

Let our talented sales staff at Holden’s work diligently to find the best model for your needs. Alumacraft’s broad range of fishing boats gives you more options to choose from, and we want to ensure you get the right watercraft for everything you want to try – all at the right price!

For more information on Alumacraft vessels, or to speak to our sales associates about pricing or availability, call Holden’s Marine Center at 864-585-1484.