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Get the Most from Your Motor

If you want to enjoy time on the water – fishing, boating, waterskiing – you’re going to need the best equipment to get out there, and stay out there, all day long. You’re going to need the type of dependable motor that can give you reliable peak performance for all of your unique activities, and still start up the next day with one pull. At Holden’s Marine Center, we give you all of that and more!

Our shop carries the best brand name motors for almost every type of aquatic adventure. Honda, Evinrude – if you need the best brand names in the industry when it comes to outboard motors, we have what you are looking for! All you need to do is speak to one of our hard-working sales associates about our pricing and inventory:

Honda unveiled their first 4-stroke motor decades ago. Today, they are still leading the way with the kind of quality you expect from the best. Easy operation, dependable power, simple removal and storage, precision manufacturing – Honda prides themselves on making one thing: the world’s best motor.

Evinrude’s E-TEC motor is one of the only models on the market that GUARANTEES reliable operation for 3 years or 300 hours. They’re impeccable reputation as one of the finest motor makers out there makes them an obvious choice when you need to get across the water. Holden’s Marine has a variety of new and used models available from Evinrude, and invites you to come in and discover all that they can do for yourself!

For more information concerning the motor inventory we have available, or to research pricing,
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